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Stainless Steel Filter Disc

  • High filtration precision for fine filtration processes
  • Customizable and weldable to suit your filter device
  • Superb structure rigidity to withstand high pressure
  • 100% stainless steel material for good corrosion resistance
  • Superior corrosion resistance for harsh environments

With simple round shape and wide range of sizes, Filson stainless steel filter discs can effortlessly fit your filter system. Meanwhile, it is reusable and can be cleaned by chemical detergent cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning or back washing.




Stainless Steel Filter DiscSintered Stainless Steel Filter DiscPorous Stainless Steel DiscsPorous Stainless Steel Sheet

Sintered Stainless Steel Sheet

Raw Material
SS304, SS316L meshSintered SS304, SS316L meshSintered SS304, SS316L powderSintered SS304, SS316L powder

Sintered SS304, SS316L mesh

Standard Shape

Round, toroidal, oval, fan-shapedRound, toroidal, oval, fan-shapedRound, toroidalSquareSquare


Max. 3000mmMax. 3000mm

Standard: 600×1200, 500×1000, 1000×1000, 1200×1200, 1200×1500 mm

Filtration Accuracy

5-850 µm1-200 µm0.5µm to 200µm0.5µm to 200µm1-200 µm

50% – 57%

Max. Operating Temperature



 Note: stainless steel filter discs are fully customizable on your demand

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Filson Stainless Steel Filter Disc

Your Reliable Stainless Steel Filter Disc Supplier in China

Filson stainless steel filter disc is one of the most commonly used filter type, usually contains SS wire mesh filter disc, SS sintered mesh disc, porous SS disc and sintered fiber felt disc. They all features eminent anti-corrosion capability, therefore perform very well in most acid&alkali liquid filtration.

Filson stainless steel filter disc can be designed with minimal filtration accuracy of 0.5 µm, providing superior particle removal ability. You can apply it in various industries like pharmaceutical industry, construction industry or food industry.

Want more information of stainless steel filter discs or other filters? Contact Filson for a whole solution!

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