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Filson Stainless Steel Mesh Discs

  • Different shapes and sizes to choose
  • Robust and compact structure
  • High temperature & high-pressure resistance
  • Easy to clean and enjoy a long service life
  • Available in various mesh patterns

Filson stainless steel mesh disc is a kind of flat filter element that is widely used in filtration applications. Our mesh discs are made of stainless steel wires in one single layer or multiple layers. All mesh discs can be applied to meet different filtration demands.

  • Material: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 314, 430, 904L, monel, hastelloy
  • Shape: circle, disc, square, oval, rectangular, cones, and other special shapes
  • Operating Temperature: -200℃—600℃(upon material and request)
  • Filtration Ratings: 2μm to 300μm
  • Construction method: welded, sintered, woven
  • Applicable Medium: oil, stream, water, gas…
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Filson Stainless Steel Mesh Discs

Your Ideal Stainless Steel Mesh Discs Partner

Filson stainless steel mesh discs are made from woven, welded, or sintered stainless steel wire sheets. The quality mesh discs from Filson come in a variety of stainless steel materials and are available in diverse sizes, style,s and thicknesses for a wide range of applications.

Filson manufactures stainless steel mesh discs with disc diameters from 20mm to 900mm to satisfy your specific needs. And each of our mesh discs is with or without a frame according to customer specifications.

With sturdy, long-lasting, functional, and versatile features, Filson stainless steel mesh discs have attracted more attention. If you are interested in our products, get in touch with us immediately.

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