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Filson Stainless Steel Woven Mesh

  • Compact construction for long-term use
  • Optional weaving types to select
  • Available for high temperature and corrosion environments
  • Wide range of micron ratings
  • Excellent filtration efficiency

Filson provides stainless steel woven mesh for different industrial applications. And we offer a full range of stainless steel mesh in plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave, and reverse dutch weave to satisfy different precision requirements.

  • Material: stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 314, 430, 904L, monel, hastelloy.
  • Type: plain weave, twill weave, oblong weave, dutch weave, reverse weave.
  • Shape: square, rectangular, circular, or special shapes
  • Operating Temperature: -200℃—600℃(upon material and request)
  • Flitration Ratings: 1μm to 840μm
  • Construction method: woven
  • Applicable Medium: oil, stream, water, gas.
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Filson Stainless Steel Woven Mesh

Premier Choice for Stainless Steel Woven Mesh

Filson stainless steel woven mesh is designed and manufactured to stop and separate undesirable factors in the flowing fluids. By doing this, clear fluids will be provided for the following production process.

Filson stainless steel mesh can be woven in different patterns, which are pointed out in the specifications part. Among those weave types, plain weave is the most frequently used one by alternating the weft wire over and under the warp wire. It permits positive control of the size of contaminants to be screened or filtered.

Looking for a stainless steel woven mesh? Come and get more information about Filson stainless steel woven mesh. When contacting us, please provide your detailed requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.

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