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Sterile Cellulose Syringe Filter

  • Allowable to sterilize by autoclaving and gamma irradiation
  • Both hydrophobic and hydrophilic cellulose membrane available
  • Maximum sample recovery with lower hold-up volume
  • Broad diameter to enlarge effective filtration area
  • Lower extractables and lower protein binding affinity
  • Uniform pore size design to obtain faster flow rate up to 100 ml/min
  • Proper connector for better sealing and enhanced efficiency

Filson sterile cellulose syringe filter, one kind of sterile syringe filter, can be widely used in sterile environments. More importantly, our filter has several methods to be sterilized, including: autoclaving at high heat 121℃ for 15 – 30 minutes; gamma irradiation; ethvlene oxide, etc.

  • Raw Material: cellulose
  • Housing Material: polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene(PP), acrylic
  • Pore Size: from 0.22 to 5 micron
  • Operating Pressure: 12 bar
  • Working Temperature: up to 131℃
  • Common Diameter: from 4mm to 50mm
  • Sample Volume: 5 – 100 ml
  • Filtration Area: 4.91 cm2
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 100 ml/min
  • Connection: FLL, MLL, SHB

Note: above sheet is for reference purpose, please contact Filson for custom sizes.

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Filson Sterile Cellulose Syringe Filter

Your Best Sterile Cellulose Syringe Filter Collaborator in China

Filson sterile cellulose syringe filter offers an effective and economical solutions on capturing most small particles with a higher filtration efficiency. Due to the excellent chemical property, our sterile cellulose syringe filter is best suitable for corrosion, acid, bases and organic solvents.

The designed diameter of Filson sterile cellulose syringe filter ranges from 4mm to 50mm, and the effective surface area can be increased. Besides, the popular connector is female luer lock inlet and male luer slip outlet, and appropriate connector offers better sealing and enhanced efficiency.

As a professional syringe filter manufacturer, Filson controls the whole production process and product quality strictly. Each sterile cellulose syringe filter will be conducted 100% integrity tested and be in accordance with ISO standards.

If you are looking for bespoke sterile cellulose syringe filter, Click Here immediately! Filson will never let you down and provide you high-quality products.

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