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Filson Sump Filter Socks

  • Capable of trapping impurities and microorganisms
  • 1-400 micron filtration grade can improve water quality
  • Suitable for the purification treatment of aquarium sumps
  • No fiber shedding in long term use, reusable after cleaning
  • Maintains sump clarity features of high particle removal rate

Filson sump filter socks are designed to capture large debris like the aquarium and small particles like dust, organic waste, or silt from entering and damaging pump motors. Hence, they are a critical component to maintain the sump filtration system working properly.

  • Materials: PP, PE, nylon.
  • Connection styles: flange, ring, drawstring
  • Filtration precision: 1-400 micron
  • Shape: cartridge or by customizing
  • Standard sizes: 7”x16”, 7”x32”, 4”x8.25”, 4”x14”

Note: micron sizes and materials are fully customizable on your demand with MOQ-50PCs

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Filson Sump Filter Socks

Your Innovative Sump Filter Socks Supplier in China

Filson sump filter socks show efficient water purify performance, benefits from the high density of interspace, and excellent permeability. They are usually manufactured as 150 or 200 microns as the widest use filtration precision.

You can effortlessly install Filson sump filter socks into a sump filter holder with standardized flange sizes 4” and 7”. Certainly, other special fitting dimensions for your unique applications are also available by customizing.

Want your specialized top-quality filter sock for the sump? Just send Filson an email for your free quote!

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