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  • Temporary Basket Strainer
  • Temporary Basket Strainer

Filson Temporary Basket Strainer

  • Large open area range with low pressure drop
  • Precise mesh opening sizes for required debris removal
  • Flexible design combinations for different application need
  • Cleanable and reusable with long service life
  • Available in various materials of construction
  • Highly resistant to high temperatures and kinds of acid & alkali

The most common Filson temporary strainers can be divided to cone and basket two types, while plate(flat) type is also supplied. If your system prefers Filson temporary basket strainer, you need to accept a slightly higher pressure loss than cone type.

  • Raw Material: SS 304/316L, carbon steel, Monel, Hastelloy
  • Shape: basket
  • Operating Pressure (Mpa): 1.6 – 10.0
  • Outer Diameter (mm): 15 – 600
  • Filtration Accuracy (mesh): 500 – 10
  • Operating Temperature (℉): up to 800
  • Direction of Flow: in to out, out to in, bi-directional

Note: any customized available, please consult Filson.

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Filson Temporary Basket Strainer

Your Reliable Temporary Basket Strainer Manufacturer in China

Filson temporary basket strainer is a temporary device for startup or commissioning of pipeline systems, providing outstanding solid debris removal ability. It benefits various applications including chemical, oil & gas, power plant, mining industries.

Standard Filson temporary basket strainers can withstand pressure drop ranging of 5-10 psi. And if you need it to meet heavy load application with higher pressure drop which exceed 20-30 psi, please design additional special reinforcing rings and mesh supports.

Filson engineers are always here to help you solve the filtration problems. Click here for more information.

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