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Filson Temporary Cone Strainer

  • Unique cone shape with low pressure drop
  • Various sizes models to meet each application need
  • High temperature as well as corrosion resistance
  • Flexible connection designs with best system stability
  • Enhanced strength with additional support mesh/frame

Filson temporary basket strainer is typically used in short-term service for system startup or commissioning, protecting the subsequent pumps, valves, and other equipment from debris damage. Caution, remember to replace with a permanent Y/T or basket strainer to achieve ongoing filtration.

  • Raw Material: 304/316L SS, carbon steel, Monel, Hastelloy
  • Shape: cone
  • Operating Pressure: Max. 10 Mpa
  • Operating Temperature: Max. 800℉
  • Length: 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%
  • Mesh Size: 8-400 mesh
  • Connection: RF(raised face)/FF(flat face)/RTJ(ring-type joint) flanges
  • Bottom Type: pointed, truncated

Note: listed data are for reference only, please consult for customization.

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Filson Temporary Cone Strainer

Your Experienced Temporary Cone Strainer Manufacturer in China

Filson temporary cone strainer features a special cone shape and is mainly made of stainless steel material, supporting high-pressure and high flow conditions. Other materials of construction are all available to meet your specific temperature or corrosion requirements.

With flexible RF/FF/RTJ flange connections, the installation and removal of Filson temporary cone strainer can be facilitated, and you can add a pipe support or pipe stand for more convenience. Besides, it allows standard or reverse installation depending on your existing flow direction.

Filson specializes in designing exclusive temporary cone strainer with your particular system requirements. Please call at 86-157 3695 8886 or email to sales@filsonfilters.com for a quick quote.

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