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  • Temporary Strainer Pump Suction supplier
  • Temporary Strainer Pump Suction

Filson Temporary Strainer Pump Suction

  • Perfect filtration and reliable protection for pump
  • Custom mesh sizes for optimal contaminant capacity
  • Easy to install and removal for regular maintenance
  • Flexible installation direction for various flow directions
  • A range of materials of construction with high strength

The mesh size selection of Filson temporary strainer pump suction is very important since improper mesh size may cause more damage for your pump. Please consult our engineer if have no definite idea and tell us your specific filter medium, we are happy to help you choose an appropriate temporary strainer pump suction.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel …
  • Shape: cone, basket
  • Operating Pressure: 1.6/2.5/4.0/6.4/10.0
  • Outer Diameter: 15 – 600 mm
  • Mesh Size: 10-500 mesh
  • Operating Temperature: up to 800℉
  • Open Area Range: 100/150/200/300 %
  • Flow Direction: in-out, out-in, bi-directional

Note: please consult Filson for special custom

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Filson Temporary Strainer Pump Suction

Your Excellent Choice of Temporary Strainer Pump Suction Manufacturer in China

Filson temporary strainer pump suction aims to protect pump, valves and subsequent devices from debris damage, generally bolted to pump suction piping. It is manufactured to an unique conical or basket shape as normal, or flat type is available if required.

Standard Filson temporary strainer pump suction is available in a variety of materials to achieve different temperature and corrosion resistance, among SS 304/316 is the most used. Besides, don’t forget to replace it with a permanent strainer when system startup or commissioning has completed.

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