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Filson Unicel Replacement Filter Cartridge

  • Easy to maintain and clean for labor-saving
  • More cost-effective with a nice filtration effect
  • Outstanding crack resistance for fewer damages
  • Reinforced PP cloth for a longer lifetime up to 5yrs
  • Stable pore construction with superb permeability

How about Unicel vs Pleatco pool filters? Unicel and Pleatco pleated filters have some differences in the number of pleats or sizes so that you will be confused on selection. Filson, on the other hand, provides fully custom pleats numbers attains 150.

  • Example model: Unicel C4950 replacement
  • Color: blue, gray, white…
  • Construction materials: polyethylene terephthalate(PET), polyurethane(PU), polypropylene(PP)
  • Type: sponge filter replacement
  • OD: 4.93″/12.5cm
  • Length: 13.31″/33cm

Note: other models are certainly available on your requirement

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Filson Unicel Replacement Filter Cartridge

Your Complete Unicel Replacement Filter Cartridge Solution

Filson has series of well-stocked Unicel replacement filter cartridges such as Unicel spa filter re35900, Unicel 5ch 502, or Unicel C4950. Each of them is made of thick PP felt with multiple pleats, which brings superior permeability and high dirt holding capacity

If you are looking for a washable and reusable replacement for your Unicel spa filter, Unicel pool filters, or Unicel hot tub filters, Filson Unicel replacement filter cartridge might be your first choice due to its eminent chemical resistance and long lifetime achieves 5 years.

Filson aims to be your professional Unicel filters replacement guide, just send Filson a message such as ‘Unicel c4950 Canada’ or other details to check the instant price!


How to clean Unicel pool filters?

Just need to remove your Unicel pool filters from the pool, spray every folded part gently to rinse dirt and debris away. Then soak it in a filter cleaning solution to remove oils, minerals from inside pores, and rinse it completely.

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