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Filson Vane Mist Eliminator

  • Adjustable sizes for the best system suitability
  • High separation capacity with low fouling tendency
  • Variable configurations with low-pressure drop
  • Easy to install and clean with less maintenance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability

Filson vane mist eliminator, also called vane type mist eliminator, vane pack mist eliminator, achieves optimized mist elimination for various equipment and systems. It consists of multi-layer specifically formed baffle vanes, and the vanes are mainly divided into plain and hooked types.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel and other metals, FRP, PP, PE, PVC, PTFE
  • Configuration: vertical, horizontal
  • Shape: round or rectangular
  • Thickness: 100-300 mm
  • Gas Velocity: 2-5m/s
  • Efficiency: 99.9%
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Filson Vane Mist Eliminator

Optimal Solution for Mist Elimination with Competitive Cost

Filson has developed a series of vane mist eliminators that exactly meet your existing system size, and customization is always permitted if your application is special. Standard Filson vane type mist eliminator can handle the liquid droplets and even entrained solid particles in 8-50μm size, and available in both vertical and horizontal configurations depending on flow direction.

Besides, if you need more efficient liquid droplets removal from the gas flow, we are capable of designing double-pocket or treble-pocket vane mist eliminators. However, that means slightly lower gas capacity and higher flow resistance, or lower gas velocity you must accept.

Appropriate material selection and proper installation of Filson vane mist eliminators will be recommended to maximumly improve the production efficiency. And please feel free to discuss with us about vane mist eliminator design, size calculation, material selection questions.

Email to sales@filsonfilters.com or call at +86 157 3695 8886. Looking forward to working with you!




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