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Filson Vane-type Demister Pad

  • High liquid loading capacity with low pressure drop
  • Various shape options for different separation efficiency
  • Rigid & stable structure with high mechanical strength
  • Easy to install with vertical and horizontal designs
  • Low risk of clogging with extended service life

Filson vane-type demister pad can be your favored solution for high liquid viscosity systems with higher liquid loading capacity and lower pressure drop than mesh mist eliminators. It can be found everywhere in chemical, petrochemical, refinery, dyeing, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Raw Material: stainless steel, titanium, Monel, Inconel, PP, PE, PVC, PTFE(F4/Teflon), FRP
  • Removal Mist Size: 8-40 microns
  • Filtration Efficiency: 100%
  • Vane Type: plain or zigzag blade
  • Installation direction: vertical or horizontal
  • Shape: round, rectangular or other special shapes

Note: customized sizes and shapes are always supported

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Filson Vane-type Demister Pad

Your Preferred Vane-type Demister Pad Manufacturer in China

Filson vane type demister pad, or called vane mist eliminator, vane type mist eliminator, is a different type of liquid-gas separator to the wire mesh demister pad. Commonly constructed of  multi-layer closely spaced corrugated plates, it may available in metallic or plastic materials.

Filson supplies plain vane mist eliminators and zigzag blade mist eliminators to treat your gases which highly contaminated by solid particles and liquid entrainment. Among, the plain type Filson vane demister pads are divided into stream line shape and broken line shape.

Please choose more complex designs for your higher separation efficiency need. Filson vane type demister pads can be designed with two or three passes to increase the number of collisions, improving the chance of droplets coalescence.

Standard Filson vane-type demister pad can remove droplets with over 20 microns in size, if need higher filtration accuracy, please contact us for customization. Plus, the overall shape of Filson vane type mist eliminator are typically designed to round or rectangular, or other unique shape designs depending on your actual system.

Click here for more details. Any liquid-gas separation problem, feel free to discuss with Filson.

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