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  • Vee Wire Screen
  • Vee Wire Screen

Filson Vee Wire Screen

  • Nonclogging slots with high filtration efficiency
  • High-grade raw material for anti-corrosive feature
  • Larger open area than conventional slotted screen
  • Easy to clean&maintain thanks to the back-washing capacity
  • Stable structure strength by resistance welding

The special v-shaped wires of the Filson vee wire screen give inwardly widening v-shape slots, avoiding any unwanted particle to clog the slots. In addition, the Filson vee wire screen is easy to clean and maintain by back-washing, solvents cleaning, or other cleaning methods.

  • Raw material: stainless steel as standard or customized
  • Slot size: from 0.15 mm
  • Open area: up to 60%
  • Length: up to 6000 mm
  • End fitting: beveled, thread coupling
  • Shape: panel, cylinder, tube/pipe, basket, cone, camber …
  • Processing type: weld

Note: Each specification is permitted to customize depending on your need.

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Filson Vee Wire Screen

Your Experienced Vee Wire Screen Manufacturer with Innovative Design

Filson vee wedge wire screen is commonly made from vee wires and supports rods through a sintering process, creating continuous slots to maximize the liquid flow. Furthermore, it performs high mechanical strength and great durability even in heavy load conditions.

With a large open area rate of up to 60% and slot size from 0.15mm, the Filson vee wire screen offers a perfect selection for the good screen, gravel pack screen, wastewater screen, etc. Certainly, each project is supported by customization, just send us your independent specifications.

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