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Filson Wedge Wire Cylinder

  • Higher temperature&pressure resistance than perforated screen
  • Great mechanical strength for heavy loads application
  • Easy to clean and maintain for longer service life
  • V-shaped wires construction for the low risk of clogging
  • Standard stainless steel material for high anti-corrosion ability

Filson standard wedge wire cylinder is manufactured with a diameter up to 1000mm, or larger diameter types can be fabricated in segments. Moreover, to satisfy your special rigidity needs, we can provide both rod and frame type reinforcements.

  • Raw material: SS 304/316 as standard
  • Diameter: up to 1000mm
  • Slot opening: from 0.05mm
  • Length: up to 6000mm
  • Reinforcement type: rod type, frame type
  • End connection: flange, end ring, standard type

Note: material/diameter/slot size/length/reinforcement type/end type all can be customized upon your request

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Filson Wedge Wire Cylinder

Your Preferred Wedge Wire Cylinder Manufacturer in China

Filson wedge wire cylinder is an initial type of wedge wire filter with a relatively large diameter and various slot size options from 0.05mm. Besides, each intersection between wedge wire and support bod is welded for a robust and stable structure.

Compared with smaller diameter wedge wire tubes, Filson wedge wire cylinders are capable of withstanding higher mechanical strength, thus especially for heavy load applications. For example, you may consider using a rotary drum screen for wastewater treatment.

If you are interested in our wedge wire cylinders, please contact us at +86 157 3695 8886, or send an email to sales@filsonfilters.com today!

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