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Filson Wedge Wire Filters

  • Uniform gap size for perfect filtration performance
  • Large dirt holding capacity with high filtration efficiency
  • Unique v-shaped wires for clogging difficultly
  • Excellent back washing ability for long using time
  • Superior corrosion resistance for harsh environments

Filson wedge wire filters are a kind of metallic filtration media which generally manufactured by welding v-shaped wires on the support rods. Stainless steel series material can be used, as usual, certainly other alloys like nickel, titanium are allowed to suit your special application.

  • Raw material: 304/316 stainless steel or other alloys
  • Shape: cylinder, nozzle, basket, tube, candle, tube …
  • Differential pressure: up to 300psi
  • Working temperature: Ma 815℃ upon the material
  • Standard slot size: 0.05/0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4 mm
  • Diameter: 25-1200 mm
  • Flow direction: in-to-out/out-to-in
  • Endcap configuration: thread fitting, flange, resistance welded closed plate metal ring

Note: We always provide customized services for your specific application.

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Filson Wedge Wire Filter

Your Proven Manufacturer of Wedge Wire Filters in China

Typically, Filson wedge wire filters provide an ideal solution for solid-liquid separation, particle retention, liquid collection, and distribution. Its exceptional construction design may achieve the minimize clogging while benefiting the operation of backwashing.

Filson often supplies various shapes of wedge wire filters, including wedge wire filter nozzle, wedge wire basket, wedge wire cylinder, wedge wire vessel internal, etc. They are effectively capable of high-precision filtration with prominent durability in high temperature&pressure conditions.

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