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Filson Wedge Wire Intake Screen

  • Maximum production for aquatic life and pump equipment
  • No moving parts with less labor maintenance time&cost
  • Continuous slot construction with minimal clogging
  • Preeminent anti-corrosion capacity in saltwater environment
  • Precision and consistent size for efficient&smooth filtration

Filson wedge wire intake screen is an ideal selection for your municipal, industrial, or hydropower plant applications. It features precision & consistent slot opening and a large open area, to achieve an efficient and eco-friendly water filtering process.

  • Raw material: SS 304, SS 316, duplex, super duplex, copper-nickel alloy …
  • Shape: T-type, drum-type, half-barrel type
  • Length: up to 6000 mm
  • Diameter: up to 1500 mm
  • slot velocity: 540m/hr
  • Slot size: 1-10 mm
  • End connection: welded ring, thread coupling, flange

Note: material/shape/length/diameter/slot size/end connection all can be customized

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Filson Wedge Wire Intake Screen

Your Optimal Partner of Wedge Wire Intake Screen Supplying in China

Filson commonly adopts SS 304/316 as the raw material of wedge wire intake screen, providing great structural strength with superior corrosion resistance even in saltwater. Besides, you can choose duplex, super duplex, or other alloys to obtain excellent anti-biofouling ability.

Typically, there are three types of Filson wedge wire intake screen that can be offered for you: T-intake screen, half-barrel screen, and drum screen. You are recommended to select a T-intake screen for a large amount water intake application, while the half-barrel type is usually suited for shallow water conditions.

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