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Filson Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screens

  • Continuous slot to offer high open area and filtration efficiency
  • Backwashing capacity for prolonging the service life
  • High-pressure resistance for high-speed rotary operating condition
  • V-shaped wires design with superior clogging resistance
  • Various end cap options for easy installation and replacing

Standard Filson wedge wire rotary drum screens are manufactured by stainless steel material, fitting for most corrosive environments. Certainly, other materials are also available depending on your special requirement with high-pressure resistance and mechanical strength.

  • Raw material: SS 304/316L or on your request
  • Drum length: 24”-180”
  • Drum diameter: 18”-80”
  • Design flow: up to 20mgd
  • Slot size: 0.03”-0.75”
  • End type: flange, metal ring
  • Surface treatment: scouring, passivation

Note: material/length/diameter/flow/slot size/end type all can be customized

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Filson Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screens

Your Optimal Wedge Wire Rotary Drum Screen Manufacturer Choice in China

Filson wedge wire rotary drum screen is an ideal solution for water and wastewater filtration, with a brilliant performance of solid-liquid separation. It is commonly installed on the roller screen machine to separate hair, grease, fiber, pulp, and paper from water/wastewater.

Since the unique wedge wire design, Filson wedge wire rotary drum screens provide large open areas and perform reliable filtration efficiency. In addition, these v-shaped wires can also help you simplify your cleaning process while supporting the back-washing.

If you need customized service, please send us your independent specifications or drawings, we ensure to supply you with satisfactory wedge wire rotary drum screens! Contact us today!

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