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Filson Wedge Wire Sand Screen

  • Precise pore size control for superior particle removal capacity
  • High structural strength to suit for deep good operation
  • The continuous and uniform gap with less slot clogging possibility
  • Low-pressure drop with a variety of flow rate conditions
  • Self-cleaning ability to provide a long service life

Filson always supplies various aperture sizes from 60 to 300 micron of wedge wire sand screen, according to your hole sizes and sand particle sizes. Therefore, it can help you obtain high purity oil or natural gas without lowering production efficiency.

  • Raw material: SS 304,SS 316L …
  • Shape: pipe/tube
  • Diameter: from 1”
  • Length: up to 20’
  • Aperture size: 60-300 micron
  • End connection: thread, flange
  • Certification: ISO 9001

Note: material/shape/diameter/length/aperture size/end connection all can be customized depending on your needs

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Filson Wedge Wire Sand Screen

Your Premium Wedge Wire Sand Screen Manufacturer with Highly Reliability

Filson wedge wire sand screen plays a vital role in oil&nature gas production, is mainly used for the separation of sand particles in oil and natural gas wells. It combines excellent weld strength and precision slot sizes, therefore can provide prominent filtration performance.

With a unique construction, the Filson wedge wire sand screen helps to distribute the fluid uniformly while reducing the screen surface plugging. In addition, it can be used in the open hole/cased hole completions with gravel packs, or as a stand-alone screen.

Filson is always here to assist you with your oil/gas well project! Contact us NOW!

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