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Filson Wedge Wire Screen Panels

  • High open area to provide large dirt holding capacity
  • Superior pressure resistance to fit high-pressure conditions
  • Adjustable slot sizes for great filtration performance
  • Flat surface design for easy cleaning and backwashing
  • The welded production process for a robust structure

Filson wedge wire screen panels utilize a special wedge wire design, can be constructed with rectangular, cylindrical, or trapezoidal support bars to improve rigidity. It allows withstanding heavier loads and stronger impact.

  • Raw material: stainless steel, duplex steel, titanium, Hastelloy
  • Support bar: rectangular, cylindrical, trapezoidal
  • Slot opening: from 0.005” and up
  • Panel length: 2000-2800 mm
  • Panel width: 500-2000 mm
  • Shape: flat

Note: each specification can be customized to your needs

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Filson Wedge Wire Screen Panel

Your Irreplaceable Option of Wedge Wire Screen Panel

Filson wedge wire screen panel is cleanable and reusable since it is supports back-flushing or back-washing. So if your application is inconvenient to clean, the Filson wedge wire screen panel is certainly an optimal choice.

With a smooth surface and exceptional clogging resistance, the Filson wedge wire screen panel requires less maintenance. This makes it play an important role in surface water treatment, fish diversion, food processing, grain drying… or used in a wide range of architectural situations.

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