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Filson Wedge Wire Support Grid

  • Available in one-piece or sectional design
  • Large open area with continuous slots
  • Rigid construction with high mechanical strength
  • Anti-corrosion material to suit most operating conditions
  • Simple to clean for low maintenance cost

Compared to woven or perforated mesh types, the Filson wedge wire support grid has continuous slots to provide a higher open area. Additionally, it has perfect filtration performance with long service life, is widely used for carbon filters and molecular sieves.

  • Raw material: SS 304/316, 321, Hastelloy, Monel, duplex, super duplex …
  • Slot size: 0.001”-0.625”
  • Standard diameter: 200-5000 mm
  • Type: whole type, joint type
  • Thickness: 8.5-50 mm
  • Operating temperature: depend on the material

Note: Customizing is always supported depending on your exact specifications.


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Filson Wedge Wire Support Grid

Your Reliable Wedge Wire Support Grid Manufacturer in China

Filson wedge wire support grid is manufactured by welding v-shaped metal wires on support rods, achieving optimal structural strength. It has a self-supporting construction with exceptional collapsing resistance capacity, thus is awfully suited for high loads applications.

Filson supplies wedge wire support grids in a variety of sizes, with standard slot sizes ranging from 0.001 to 0.625 inches. Besides, smaller diameter wedge wire support grid is usually fabricated to a whole type, while larger one is flexibly designed to a joint type for easy on-site assembly.

If you need more information of Filson wedge wire support grid, call us at +86 157 3695 8886 today!

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