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Filson Welded Wedge Wire Screen

  • All-welded construction to provide stable structure strength
  • Smooth surface design benefits back-washing procedure
  • Extremely accurate aperture size for superior filtration
  • The low maintenance requirement for long service life
  • High abrasion and corrosion resistance for harsh conditions

Filson welded wedge wire screen has a rigid construction capable of withstanding heavy loads with great resistance. Moreover, the welding process makes it gain a superior surface flatness, directly benefiting to carry on the back-washing.

  • Raw material: SS 304/316, 2205, 2507, titanium, nickel or other alloys on your need
  • Aperture size: 0.125mm-3mm
  • Open area range: 6%-41.5%
  • Wire top type: flat top, conical top, square top, riffle top
  • Wire profile width: 1.93mm-3.5mm
  • Wire profile depth: 3.07mm-5.72mm
  • Construction: all-welded

Note: material, aperture size, open area, wire top/width/depth all can be customized

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Filson Welded Wedge Wire Screen

Expert of Welded Wedge Wire Screen Manufacturing

Filson welded wedge wire screen is mainly manufactured by continuously welding wedge wires to the support rods. The most common material of construction are 300 series stainless sheets of steel like SS 304/316L, or other alloys are allowed upon your application.

With tough structure and high clogging resistance, Filson welded wedge wire screen is absolutely suitable for maintenance-free situations. No matter for high-precision liquid filtration or debris & sediment filtration, it is always an ideal and cost-effective option.

Just call +86 157 3695 8886 or send to sales@Filsonfilters.com now! Our experienced engineer team will help you solve your filtration problem!

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