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Filson Wire Wrap Screen

  • Accurate slot openings for efficient sand control
  • Large inflow area to ensure high production efficiency
  • High structural strength to fit high-pressure condition
  • Maximum corrosion resistance with long service life
  • Unique v-shaped wires to support the self-cleaning process

Standard Filson wire wrap screen is made of high-quality SS 304L/316L material with a wedge wire slot size from 0.004” to 0.007”. Alternatively, if you need to filtrate larger gravels of 10-20 mesh, we can also supply a 0.018” size wire wrap screen.

  • Wire material: 304L/316L stainless steel, nickel alloy …
  • Base pipe material: stainless steel or upon request
  • Slot size: 0.004”-0.007” or customized
  • Screen diameter: 1.5”-7” or customized
  • Filtration area: 6%-12%
  • Operating temperature: upon the material

Note: filtration area can be adjusted by changing slot opening size

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Filson Wire Wrap Screen

Your Expert Wire Wrap Screen Manufacturer for High-efficiency Sand Control

Filson wire wrap screen is a field-proven and reliable sand control solution for worldwide oilfield operations. Typically, it can be divided into two types: pipe-based and rod-based, providing an inflow area larger than a slotted liner with the same opening size.

When your project is a shallow water-well completion, Filson rod-based wire wrap screen is more suitable since its additional strength. Moreover, the Filson wire wrap screen can efficiently prevent unwanted sand particles from entering the wellbore and damaging your equipment while ensuring production fluid smoothly flow into the well.

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